Employee Assistance Roundtable (EAR) at a Glance

About Us

EAR, a registered not-for-profit trade organization, was established in 1985 to provide a forum for confidential discussion among the managers of EAPs. Our objective is to benefit from each other’s experience and expertise through an open exchange of information on topics such as program design, policy development, referral and resources, as well as best practices. We foster an atmosphere free of solicitation opportunities to allow us the freedom to express current concerns for the industry with confidentiality as a top priority. Monthly calls are held to discuss current issues and develop a community of support for EAR members. Bi-annual conferences are held across the country in the spring and fall and programs are provided by EAR members and industry leaders.


EAR is an organization of internally managed employee assistance programs (EAPs) from national, global, private, public, and non-profit organizations. The current membership provides service to over 2.5 million union and non-union represented employees worldwide. Members include Fortune 50, 100, and 500 companies as well as smaller organizations from a range of industries (see below).

EAR Membership by Industry (updated 2024)

The EAR Value Proposition

Affiliation with the Employee Assistance Roundtable is of significant value. Below are some of the benefits of membership:

  • Regular networking opportunities with EAP directors and managers from some of the country’s top employers of various sectors, sizes, revenue, and geographic distribution. 
  • Welcome and orientation for new members with our membership coordinator.
  • Year-round access to top thought leaders in employee assistance via e-mail, telephone and in-person contact to discuss pertinent professional issues in confidence.
  • High standard of privacy applied to all discussions among members.
  • Access to EAP research conducted by members of EAR.
  • Volunteer opportunities to contribute to the field of EAP through leadership in EAR.
  • Lifetime organizational membership for only a $1000 member fee (as long as membership remains in good standing) and annual dues of $500. This covers all representatives of that employer.
  • Two conferences per year with dynamic speakers who are renowned in their fields of expertise: medicine, mental health, outcomes research, law, EAP, work/life, ethics, stress management, etc.
    • Conferences occur in various locations across the country, so members can combine business, professional, and recreational activities.
    • The conference fees of $600 include all presentations, networking breaks, breakfasts, a luncheon, opening night reception buffet, and a spectacular dinner for the member.
    • Family-friendly atmosphere at the conferences. Many members bring their spouse/significant other and children to participate in social events.
    • PDHs available at each conference.